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Lorraine Prete

     Lorraine M.B. Prete graduated from York College of Pennsylvania in May 1982.  She attended George Mason University School of Law from August 1984 and graduated in May 1987.  She was the Judicial Law Clerk for the Frederick County Circuit Court in Frederick, Maryland from August 1987 to August 1988.

     She was sworn into the Maryland Bar in December 1987.  In August 1988, she began work as an Associate for Daniel T. Doherty, Jr.  In June 1990, Lorraine became an Associate with Doherty, Elliot & Nicklas, P.A.  In 1992, she became a Partner. Lorraine joined Mary Elizabeth Kaslick in May 2004 and formed Kaslick & Prete, LLC. 

     Lorraine has a practice in Family Law, including divorce and custody cases, mediation, guardianships, collaborative cases, estate planning and adoptions.  In 2002, Lorraine became a Civil and Family Law Mediator for private and court ordered cases.  She is also a trained Collaborative Law Attorney since 2007. Lorraine became a Parent Coordinator in 2016. 

     Mediation is a large part of Lorraine’s practice.  After years of divorce litigation, Lorraine wanted parties involved in a divorce case to have a better opportunity to resolve their issues together.

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